As stated in the mission statement, the purpose of this business is to keep the value of a woman front and center for each woman.  See her for who she IS rather than what she does.  For this is her true worth.    As one way to help keep this issue where it belongs--front and center-- the decision has been made to take one day each year to directly declare a woman's value is WHO SHE IS, rather than what she does. 


So on September 30, 2017 the Value of a Woman business is starting the yearly celebration of a woman's value to help men and others to take the conscious step to appreciate woman for WHO SHE IS. 


Each woman needs to be reminded of her incredible and irreplaceable value on a regular basis and this day will be a way to cause people to see there is a time to do just this.  It is intended to have September 30 each year to be the special day to tell woman you are special by simply being yourself.  Your mom, grandma, sisters, friends, girlfriends, fiancées and all other woman around you should be reminded of this value and it is because of WHO she is.


This is not to replace mother's day, valentines day, birthdays, or marital anniversaries.  Rather, it is to cause us all to change our view to appreciate each woman in our lives to be seen as that special and marvelous hand crafted miracle of which there is no copy, which they are.  Also,  it will also serve to help give a point of reflection for a reset moment if we have become distracted away from this focus.


So join us to celebrate the true value of a woman--who she IS, as opposed to what they do for us.


EACH AND EVERY YEAR THERE WILL BE AN OFFICIAL VALUE OF A WOMAN DAY CARD CREATED BY THE COMPANY.  If you would like to get a preview of the card each year it will come out in mid August or so.  Simply send an email through the contact us tab and you will receive it.  You will be informed of how much the card can be purchased for and if  you want you can order the card.  YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NEVER BE SOLD OR USED FOR ANY OTHER REASON OTHER THAN TO INFORM YOU OF THIS PREVIEW AND OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE THAT YEAR'S CARD.