How it all began.

The first time.

I was working as a temp back in 1991.  I was leaving the position and wanted to simply be different.

So I handed out a single long stem rose to each woman I had worked with.  Two ladies were almost brought to tears when they accepted the rose.  The first was a wonderful middle aged lady who was a joyful expression of life.  The other was a recently married and mother of a newborn.  It didn't fit.  Neither of these ladies seemed to be anything but happy in life.  It puzzled me.  Why the tears?


The second time.

I again was leaving a job and again decided to give out long stem roses to all the women in the center I worked.  I had over 100 woman who got a rose.  There was this one lady who happens to stand out.  She and I passed each other 5 or so times a day.  NEVER did I see her smile or even grin.  After getting the rose this day she was ALWAYS smiling from ear to ear.  I didn't get it still.  But here was a glowing expression of a simple act of kindness changing something in this lady.

The most recent one.

Again I was leaving a job.  This time I wanted to do something a little different.  I gave out the rose as always.  Then I had a plaque made which had a poem on it I had written.  The plaque was given out to eight different women.  One had a REALLY bad day.  She had to let some people go.  When she read the plaque and hugged me she had tears forming in here eyes.  What a difference she had in her day because of the words on that plaque.